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Lost Car Keys Made in Philadelphia and Music as Therapy March 5, 2016

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Lost Car Keys Made in Philadelphia and Music Therapy for the disgruntled lost key customer.  We will now cover the subject of lost key therapy for The Car Key  Shop Philadelphia drivers who go crazy after a key loss.  The Main reason is when they dial our number they are usually going through an ordeal and in need of some therapy. Lets take out first caller on the line.  Our first caller took the  car to the repair shop for a muffler.  The  repair mechanic called to say he doesn’t see the ignition key call so he wanted to know if  she had a spare anywhere.  Immediately, she phoned The Car Key Shop in Philadelphia, Pa, at (215) 407-5942 to say she didn’t have a spare.
 Good enough.  I know just what to do for her. Tie a half mile of string around  it!
Ok. Who’s Next?
Our next caller sent her kids out to get the laundry bags  from the trunk and after that she couldn’t find her car keys.   She’s on the line now and she is totally OUT OF IT !
I got something to help her. Tie a catball of string around it!
  Well, that does it for today.
We’ll see you  next weekend go through some   more soothing customer therapy music from  the car key shop.
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